SUDS’ Edinburgh Fringe Auditions!

Auditions for SUDS’ Edinburgh Fringe Show ‘Coal Head, Toadstool Mouth & Other Stories’ will be taking place in this week, Monday(7th) 2pm-6pm and Tuesday(8th) 4pm-7pm in Falmer House Common Room. You don’t need to prepare anything, and can just turn up during one of these time slots (there is no need to come both days!) Please try to arrive at least half an hour before the end of the time slot, otherwise things can run over significantly.
A little more about the show:
Coal Head & Other Stories is a new collection of short stories, sketches and narratives which transpose elements from burlesque, circus, folk and fairy stories to look at the terrible, grotesque, surreal, sublime, confusing, passionate, ecstatic and down-right stupid moments in our lives. While the show is heavily character-based, it will also use simple elements of stylized physical theatre and mime. PLEASE don’t be put off if you don’t consider yourself a physical performer – you need absolutely no previous experience, just a willingness to engage and play around with different ways of expression than just vocals. Having said that, vocal and conventional acting skills will be the more important factor in the auditions! As I keep discovering, it’s difficult to try to describe this show, so if you have any questions about the style of it feel free to ask in the auditions, or drop me an email asking for my number and I can chat to you over the phone (

… and the Fringe:
Edinburgh is the biggest Fringe Festival in Europe, and runs annually from 5th-31st August. Last year over 2000 shows ran, and it’s fair to say the whole city comes alive with art and performance. It’s an incredibly exciting and inspiring place to be, and the opportunity to take a show there is (I think!) the biggest opportunity and gift SUDS is able to give its members. For more info visit

What will be required if you are cast:
Rehearsals will be starting either late in the summer term, or just as it finishes, and so being cast in the Edinburgh show will not affect your ability to be involved with any of the Spring, Summer or Brighton Fringe shows. However, you will need to be available constantly in Brighton from the end of term until the start of August, when we leave for Edinburgh. While we won’t have rehearsals every day, and it will be possible to work part time, there will be an intense rehearsal schedule which people will need to be able to commit to (i.e.going on holiday etc probably won’t be able to be worked into the scheme of things). Also, while SUDS is paying for the show, individuals will need to be able to cover their living costs while up there, as well as their accomodation (although any money fundraised for SUDS can be put towards that individual’s accomodation and travel expenses, so it would be possible to fundraise everything but living costs if you were determined enough!) Obviously, money is something that needs to be carefully considered, but if you are concerned by the financial aspect, then please get in touch with me – I’d hate for people’s personal circumstances to stop them having the opportunity!

Sorry for such an influx of info, there’s a lot to be said!

Message or call Lana Harper for any other information but it is a fantastic opportunity so please come along!

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